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Best computer for music production 2020

Best computer for music production 2020

[VIDEO] The best computer for music production 2020. Mac or pc for producing music? Home studio computer? A laptop or a desktop? Best pc specs for music production? In this video I’m talking about the specifications for NEW computer for music production, with the ...

Don`t use download gates for free online music promotion

[VIDEO] How to promote your music online free effectively? The first step is not to use a download gate, because they hurt your social media growth in the long run. A download gate is a webpage on which you have to do a couple of "things" in order to download a song. Those ...

YouTube book: What Big YouTubers don`t tell you

[VIDEO] What big YouTubers don’t tell you: the window is closing, get in now! Youtube has incredible opportunities also for business, and more and more people start to realise it. More and more people are getting in. 
If you think about starting YouTube, do it ...

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