DJ boeken gezocht house muziek

DJ Music - House, Dance and more

I have a broad taste in music, and I don’t like to stick to one genre.
Sometimes a transition from one style to another can be very uplifting for the mood of the crowd.
I like to bring you a good mix between the ‘vintage’ remixes and the most recent hits.
A good balance is always my goal.

I like to focus on particular ‘underground’ genres of the electronic dance music. This is what I like and don’t like (do’s and dont’s).
My do`s:

  • Pop, eighties/nineties
  • Different genres of electronic music (see below)
  • Ballroom and Latin dance music (see below)

My don`ts:
  • (Dutch) folklore music
  • carnaval
  • après ski
  • hardstyle


What kind of music do I like to play on your party?
Listen to my mixtapes and you’ll get an idea what I can bring to your party.

Favourites on Spotify

Some of my DJ favourites on Spotify:

Music Genres