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Mac or PC for music production 2018

What is better for music production?
Mac or PC? MacOS or Windows?

What is the best DAW? The best software for music production (beginners)

What is the best software for music production?
You may ask yourself the question when you are starting out, just like I did.
The best DAW is the DAW that you feel the most comfortable with. But Which DAW is that?
In ...

How to import music to rekordbox

Importing tracks into Rekordbox is pretty easy, but you have to know what you are doing.
In this video I`ll show a couple different methods to import songs and music in Rekordbox.
You can use the menu on top of the screen: ... read more >>

Best budget laptop for music production around 500 euro in 2018

I have taken on the quest of finding a budget laptop for around 500 euro/dollar.
That was quite a challenge, because, let`s face it... budget computers are not really suited for music production. They lack the power to produce ... read more >>

How to adjust the beatgrid in Rekordbox

The beatgrid is a visual representation of what Rekordbox thinks a song looks like.
If Rekordbox made a mistake in analyzing a song, you can correct that.
By changing the beat grid, you are changing the interpretation that ... read more >>


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