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How to make a mixtape in Presonus Studio One

How to make a mixtape in Studio one? This is a follow up video on the one that I did about making a mixtape live versus software. In THIS video I’ll show you step by step how to make a dj mixtape in Studio One read more >>

Best laptop for music poduction - mid range - november 2018

The best laptop for music production is a high range laptop, but in most cases a mid range computer works just fine.
But what is the best mid range notebook for music production?

Specs to look out for:
-intel i5 ...

ADE vlog 2018 - How to become a dj

A vlog about the ADE (the Amsterdam Dance Event) the DJ/producer part.
I went there 2 days to gain some knowlegde and talk to people.
In this video I give you some tips to become a DJ. read more >>

How to make a dj mixtape in Ableton

A mixtape in Ableton Live is pretty easy to make.
Of all the software for music production (DAWs) that I know, Ableton is by far the simplest.

-I use 2 mixing tracks, so you can mix between track A and B.
...

How to make a dj mixtape - live vs software

how to make a dj demo mixtape?
In this video I`ll talk about mixing live versus mixing software.
What are the pros and cons of both methods, the best workflow and the best mixing techniques?
Let`s find out!


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