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cdj 2000 nexus 2 tutorial

CDJ 2000 Nexus 2 course

Do you know all the anwers to the questions below?
  • How do you disable (or enable) the Continues Play function?
  • What does the inner ring light on the platter mean?
  • Why does the ring around the PLAY and CUE button flash in a certain way?
  • The red on-air ring around the platter doesn't light up. Do you know how to fix it?
The most important DJ advice I can give you: know your equipment.
If you don't know the answer(s), you are definitely need some training.
What if you need to know this on your next gig?

I'd like to help you with my CDJ 2000 NXS 2 video course.
In 90+ minutes I will tell you every there is to know about the machine, literally EVERYTHING.
Every button, every secret, every setting and every answer to the questions above.

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book: how to start a YouTube channel

YouTube E-book

This book tells you everything about growing a successful YouTube channel, like:
  • How to make (more) money on YouTube?
  • How to get more subscribers on YouTube?
  • How to get more views on YouTube?
  • What is the formula for going viral?
  • How to grow on YouTube?
  • How to make a business out of YouTube?
  • How often should you upload videos?
  • What is the ideal video length?
  • What equipment do you need?
  • How do the algorithms work?

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fun dj and music producer merchandise

DJ Music Producer merch

I bring a wide variety of cool DJ themed (and non dj themed) merchandise to you!
T-shirts with funny texts for example.
Merchandise like: t-thirts, hoodies, mugs, buttons, caps etc.
The printing, shipping, quality assurance of the merchandise is handled by a third party

In this YouTube video I'll show the merch

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