How to install Rekordbox on a mac? Tutorial

How to install Rekordbox on a mac? Tutorial

How to install Rekordbox on a Mac?
Installing rekordbox you can do in a couple of steps:
First download Rekordbox from
Then double click on the file you just downloaded (it ends with ".pkg").
The installer will run.
Click next and proceed until the installation is finished.
Goto Launchpad and search for the Rekordbox icon.

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Before we start a quick little notice.
Steps and texts of buttons can slightly vary from version to version of operating system and version of Rekordbox.

before we can install rekordbox, we have to download it from pioneers website.
go to and click on "download Rekordbox"
check, "Yes I agree" and click "download"
Rekordbox will now download.

Depending on your browser you can follow the download progress AND see when the download is finished.
In my case this is diplayed at the bottom of the browser window.

When the download is finished, navigate to the download folder in Finder.
there is probably a shortcut for that in your browser.
Double click on the file that starts with the text `rekordbox` and ends with .PKG.ZIP. to extract the file.
By extracting we created the file that starts with the text `rekordbox` and ends with .PKG (so without the .ZIP extension).
Double click on THAT file and the installation process will start.
We continue in a bit.

If it does not start or the computer says something along the lines of "program not allowed", go to SYSTEM PREFERENCES
Click on "Security and privacy"
Then click on the LOCK on the bottom of the screen if it is locked
type in the password of your user that is using the computer
Now you see that the LOCK is UNlocked
Under "Allow downloaded programs" choose "Mac App store and developers with known identifity".
Now try to start the rekordbox installer again. By clicking the file that ended with .PKG
If it still displays an error then choose "Every source" and click "allow every source".

We continue our installation process of Rekordbox
In the introduction screen of the Rekordbox Installer choose: NEXT

In the licence screen, click CONTINUE

Now click AGREE


click iNSTALL

Type in the password of your computer.
If you typed in your password earlier, you probably won`t be prompted to enter your password

Now the installation starts

When the installation is finished: Click "CLOSE"
Rekordbox is now installed on your computer
Click on the launchpad in the Dock and search for the rekordbox icon and click it to start Rekordbox

You are ready to go

written by: Dexxter Clark

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