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How to make a mixtape in Logic Pro X


You can make a DJ mix / mixtape or mashup in Logic in a couple of different ways.
I opt for the two track approach, since you use less system resources.
Also it prevents you from having to add plugins and automation lanes for every new song.
I use 2 extra tracks for sound effects and previewing the song.
I add a limiter to prevent clipping.

After I added the first song, I add the automation lanes for an equalizer (high cut and low cut filters) and the volume.
I set the song to the right tempo in the time and pitch machine.
Next I beatmatch the song to the beatgrid of Logic Pro X.
I cut the part that I want to have and drag in the next song to the preview track.
Cut it and drag it to Track B, and beatmatch the song to the beatgrid.
Now I`m gonna use automation to mix the 2 tracks.
Then add song 3, 4, 5 etc and repeat the process to complete the dj mix/mixtape.
A mashup works basically in the same way.

Do you have another DAW, I mad tutorials for Ableton Live and Studio One too.
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How to make a mixtape in Logic Pro X

how to make a dj mix, mixtape or mashup in logic pro x

how to make a dj mix, mixtape or mashup in logic pro x
In this tutorial I’ll show you step by step how to do that
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In my previous videos I discussed
-mixing techniques for DAWS
-mashup in Ableton Live
-mashup in Studio One
now mixtape in Logic pro X

lets dive into it

I`m using the 2 track approach. So every song is in Track A or B and you mix between them.
Therefore I make 4 audio tracks (not midi tracks) by doubleclicking in the empty space below an existing audio track.
The first for previewing an cutting up a new song without any effects applied.
The next 2 for mixing between songs.
And the forth for adding extra audio effects like risers and bass drops.

The I`ll align the track to the grid so the first beat of a bar is on the first beat of the beatgrid in logic.
You can use the metronome to help you
If you want to change the bar but stay beatmatched to the grid use "snap regions to relative value" option

if the match is to your liking, press A to go to automation mode.
We are gonna automate the volume and high and low cut filters, and extra effect with plugins like echo, delay and reverb.
to prevent switching it is useful to add more automation lanes so you can see multiple automations at once.

To add points, click on the yellow line (in this case the volume) , and drag the point to the desired value.
WHAT you want to automate you can change in the pull-down menu on the left of the track

you can do this by clicking on the plus icon on the left side af an automation lane and choose the parameter you want to automate

One word of caution here. If you decide to remove an automation lane, you only remove the visibility of the automation. The automation itself is still in tact

After this mix is complete, add a third song on track A
it is easier to exit automation mode by pressing A again.
And go back in automation mode if the song is aligned.

Repeat this process multiple times and change from track A to track B and B to A (like you would do on a regular dj mixer with 2 players) until your mashup or mixtape in Logic Pro X in done.

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