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Best budget laptop for music production around 500 euro in 2018


I have taken on the quest of finding a budget laptop for around 500 euro/dollar.
That was quite a challenge, because, let`s face it... budget computers are not really suited for music production. They lack the power to produce music properly.
That doesn`t mean that you can`t produce music with a budget or cheap laptop.

When you are going for a budget laptop for music production, you have to bear a couple of things in mind.
I`ll talk about buying a new laptop and an older one: second hand and even refurbished.
And how to save CPU cycles on budget processors, that you so desperately need for music production.

Best budget laptop for music production around 500 euro in 2018

Finding the right laptop for your music production is a challenge
Finding a laptop for around 500 euro is an even bigger challege

In this video I’ll take a look at those challenges, what you have to bare in mind
5 budget laptops for music production


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4 categories computers for music production
i3 - budget - this video
i5- mid range
i7 - high range
i9 - overpriced

start Disclaimer:
Budget laptops are designed to be cheap, life expectancy is minimal at best
Not the ideal computer to make music: THE LACK THE POWER TO DO IT PROPERLY!

The profit on budget laptops are minimal for the manufacturer and the store.
The store makes 30-50 euros profit on a laptop.
So talking with you long or giving support on that laptop will cut deep in their profit, so they don’t like to do it.

Manufacturers take another approach.
They let software makers sponsor them.
That is why there is so much junk software on your laptop when you buy it.

A trial version of mcAfee? now you know why.
Deinstall that junk software immediately when you buy your laptop.
If those programs are running on the background, it saves you precious cpu cycles.

And mcafee is even one of the good guys

Ideal is an i7, but cheaper (and slower) alternatives are the i5 or i3./
Don’t choose a celeron

But what is power?
For example: with an i9 processor 30 instances of serum
i7 15
i5 5
i3 2
before rendering out.
Gets annoying

8gb hard minimum.
If 4 gb, make sure you can expand immediately

hard disk
Thats a biggie

The best choice is an SSD
In budget laptops you can choose between 128 GB or 256 GB.
That is too little.
500 gb minimum

You will run out of space eventually.
not a question if but when.

Make sure that you can swap the hard disk LATER for a bigger one (with apple you cant)
For a temporary solution you can work with external drives but that is a real pain in the anus.
Choose a SSD drive over PCI-e or M2

You can choose a spinning platter drive to have more storage capacity, but.
If you want to change your drive later for an SSD you have an old school SATA connection in your laptop.
which is bottlenecking the maximum speed advantage you can get with an ssd.

An ssd is still faster than a spinning platter drive over SATA connection
Make sure that you have a spinning rate of 7200 RPM, 5400RPM is too slow

13” is too small to work properly on your notebook, choose 15”.
If you choose 13”, make sure that you can connect an external monitor to overcome the small screen size.

Regretfully budget laptops don’t come a thunderbolt connection for an external soundcard, because of licensing issues.
You have to opt for an USB alternative with more latency.
I made a review about the Focusrite 2i2 usb soundcard, go watch it.

Second hand or refurbished
Can be a good option for a small budget.
Bare in mind that you are buying also someone elses misery.

Second hand.
Make sure that you wipe the hard drive and reinstall windows to prevent virusses and unnessary programs that some else installed clogging up your computer and taking away precious CPU cycles you deseperatly need with music production ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE A SLOWER CPU.

Make sure you have (or can find) the nessary drivers for al the devices built into your notebook.
Not everything you can find on the internet especially vague chinese products sold under another name, that happens a lot

Refurbished notebooks.
Other way of saying that is secondhand.
Bare in mind that those notebooks where broken.

You hope that the fixed the issue that was broken and not another problem related to that.
Make sure that you get extra warranty for example of a year.
There is a reason why they are so careful to give you proper warranty on refurbished products.

Really important is that you look at expandability
Memory you can add later in some notebooks.
Hard disks you can probably swap for a bigger one later
But thats where it ends with laptops.
A processor you can’t really change, the screen and keyboard you cant.



I have compiled a list of 5 models that specwise come close to being good budget laptops for music production
Model 1 HP 250 G6

Model 2 HP 250 G6

Model 3 Asus Vivobook K406UA BM141T

Model 4 HP Notebook 14 CF0200ND

Model 5 Asus Vivobook R540UA DM123T

3 cheatsheets short

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