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CDJ 2000 + Rekordbox usb format on Mac

CDJ 2000 + Rekordbox usb format on Mac

In this Rekordbox tutorial: how to format your USB thumb drive for Rekordbox the right way?
Choosing the wrong settings can lead to unnessary slow exports.
And also lead to usb drive errors in your CDJs.

First, make sure you have a USB drive with a maximum of 32 GB.
Formatting an USB drive or SD card for the CDJ 2000 works the same way as formatting your USB drive or SD card for Rekordbox.

Before we start, make sure that you have closed rekordbox first.
Rekordbox takes the usb drive hostage if it`s running.
Then you can`t format the drive for Rekordbox.

Start the Disk Utilty via the launcher
click: other
then choose: disk utility

In the disk utility, choose your usb drive on the left side of the screen.
Make sure you select the first option, in my case it`s called Kingston DataTraveller.
Do NOT select the option underneath, because you will miss the option to speed up your USB drive for exports from Rekordbox

If there is only one drive showing up under: internal, do NOT select that one, that is your internal hard drive and not your USB drive.
If you format that, you WILL erase all the data of your hard disk

If you selected the upper item in the list under: External
goto erase
type in a name, in my case: music
Then choose FAT: File Allocation Table

You could choose to format the OS X Journaled HFS+ , but your most safe bet is FAT
bare in mind that Apple has developed a successor for SSDs and probably will drop the support in the future.

Back to formatting the USB drive for Rekordbox in the disk utility
After we have choosen FAT, choose the scheme: MBR
MBR stands for Master Boot Record.
If you don`t choose MBR, your export from Rekordbox will be much slower.

Now click: erase.
Wait until the format is complete
And click: done


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