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How much RAM memory do you need for music production


I see and hear a lot of people shouting that RAM memory is the most important thing when it comes to music production.
That isn`t the case at all, as I will show you in this video.
I looked at some of my old projects in Logic Pro X and Studio One and see how much memory do they use?
It turns out, not much at all...

But every project is different, every song is different for music production.
Memory is important, I am not denying that. Your computer can`t even boot without it.
But my opinion is that you need not THAT amount of money that everyone is shouting about.
But... to be more future proof it is wise to have some extra in your computer.
Just watch the video and you`ll see!

By the way... most important for music production is CPU and SSD, on the third place the gigabytes of memory in your computer.

How much RAM memory do you need for music production

how much memory do you need for music production?
lot myths around: stick a lot of ram in your computer—solid


in this video i’ll show you exacly how much you need in Logic Pro X AND Presonus Studio One
And that number may surprise you


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amount of memory you need, increases when computers are getting faster and software is evolving and needs more resources.

16, 32,64 gb memory is a lot nowadays.
its 2018. these numbers will hold up the next couple of years.

myth: you need a lot of ram memory to produce music

[screenshots open projects]
[screenshots multiple open projects]
[logic + studio one]

but what if we render out all the midi to wav?
do we use even less ram?

You NEED 8 GBs
you don’t need a lot of ram
myth busted
[Myth busted]

But …

if you are buying a new computer.
Wise to be future proof, especially when you can’t change memory later on like in a lot of laptops

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