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music producer - how to backup your computer


How to backup your data, music producers?

music producer - how to backup your computer

Hey music producer, did you know your data isn’t safe on your spinning platter hard drive or SSD?
And what happens in case of a fire?
Do you know how to backup your data properly?
lets discuss how you can backup your projects and everything else in a safe way

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inpiration: all shapes and sizes
I had a little bit of a scare this week:
THIS was almost the video for this week [black screen]

if it wasn’t for this shiny white box.
which made me think: why not make a video about it.


Everybody thinks it won’t happen to them
not a question IF, but WHEN it will happen

People don`t realize: Data storage is volatile.
Spinning platter hard disks will degrade over time.
bit rot and bad sectors worst enemy

But you are not safe with an SSD if you think that.
AND SSD’s have other problems like freezing up over time.
because they have limited amount of writes.

other scenarios include:
steals computer
you let your laptop fall out of your hands

solution: backup.
multiple backups, because you have to realise, Backup disks can fail too
so, what’s the best way?

A lot of freelancers and small companies use: 3-2-1 method
3 backups:
2 disks on site, 1 disk off site

a good solution: NAS
No not THAT one, but THAT one. [show NES controller]

The NAS backups over the network every hour
Apple time machine [TIME MACHINE]

the nas has 2 disks, so if one fails, a copy is stored on the other drive
if your computer fails, i have lost only one hour of data.
If it’s super bad, buy new computer, install DAW and up and running with the day

Redundancy is the key here
Next to my computer I have an external hard disk. backup every day/week.

So, in 3-2-1, that was number 1 and 2, number 3 is a backup stored on an undisclosed location, far away from my home.
This in case of a fire (steal computer and backups)

that can be a disk at your parents or your best friend, but there are also online backup services
Security notice here: “the cloud”, other word for someone elses computer

I hope you learned.
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