Active loop Rekordbox and CDJ 2000 (auto loop)

Active loop Rekordbox and CDJ 2000 (auto loop) play video
Written by: Dexxter Clark
In this Rekordbox tutorial: the automatic loop, a loop that is automatically activated when you play a track.
It is called an active loop in Rekordbox
You don`t have to press a button to activate it
In this rekordbox tutorial I`m gonna take look in how to program an active loop in Rekordbox and use it on your CDJ 2000

The automatic triggered loop (or active loop as Pioneer likes to call it) can be useful for example to make yourself an outro that repeats, so you can mix in the new song.
The active loop is automatically activated when you play the track and reach the point where you programmed the loop.
That work on the cdj 2000 nexus 2, dj controllers and rekordbox dj

In order to program the active loop go to Rekordbox.
Make a loop, and click the memory button.
Then click on the loop icon next to the memory cue in the memory cue list.
The icon will turn red.

There is one thing you have to bare in mind, you can set only one active loop per track.
You can store multiple loops, but only 1 active loop.

The active loop works in Rekordbox DJ and on your CDJ 2000 players.

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