Complete Pioneer CDJ 2000 course 2020

Complete Pioneer CDJ 2000 course 2020 play video
Written by: Dexxter Clark
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Imagine you are doing your dj gig and after mixing your first song you realise that the dj player not works the way you are used to on your controller at home.
You can`t go and read the manual while you are djing - you need to stay with your head in the game and pick your next song to mix.
What do you do?
Now you make a mistake because you were distracted.
The most important advice that anyone can give you as a dj is: "know your equipment" so it doesn`t happen to you.

"Know you equipment" easy to say when you have one at home, but most of us don`t.
you run to youtube and watch here a video and there a video some bad some good.
but its difficult to get a complete picture of the machine: you are always missing pieces of the puzzle.
And exactly that teeny tiny thing you want to know is not in the video and have to search for the next video.
This is incredibly time consuming and not efficient.

Wouldn`t it my handy if you have all the information in one place?
That why I created a uniqe video course about the cdj - a course that I`ve never seen on youtube or anywhere else - to help you to familiarize yourself with the machine.
A course that starts at the beginning and guides you step by step through all the functions of the machine.
I press every button let you see and hear what happens if you press it.

For the price of a couple of beers.
for a price that you can make back with your next dj gi with ease.
now you can properly prepare to not get not boooed out of your dj booth.
Don`t you think that gives you a relaxed feeling knowing that you prepared properly?

You could read that that boring manual.
Or you take the 90+ minute course in which I tell and show you literally everything there is to know about the machine.
I`ll provide a table of contents so you can easily skip to the parts of the video when you want to revisit parts of the course.

Don`t wait to long because this course is only available for a limited amount of time at this price And I`ll see you in the course.

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Table of Contents: CDJ 2000 course

  • input selection
  • Browse tracks / playlists
  • search tracks
  • tag list
  • track info
  • menu
  • Track filter
  • shortcut menu
  • Time mode / auto cue
  • display: loop mod
  • display: beat jump
  • display: waveform
  • display: needle search
  • display: hot cue & cue point markers
  • display: phase meter
  • display: bottom section of the screen
  • play, pause, cue
  • track search / next previous / REW FF
  • Jog wheel
  • track tempo / speed
  • tempo slider
  • tempo reset
  • master tempo
  • tempo range
  • beat sync / tempo sync
  • Loops
  • Cue Points vs. Hot Cues
  • Cue points
  • Hot cues
  • Quantize function
  • Instant Doubles
  • Slip mode
  • Slip mode: Hot Cues
  • Slip mode: Jog Wheel
  • Slip mode: Loops
  • Slip mode: Pause
  • Slip mode: Direction / reverse
  • Slip reverse
  • Continues play
  • Utility menu / CDJ settings
  • back side
  • CDJ supported file and media formats
  • Pro DJ link connection
Total running time: 90+ minutes.

Order now: CDJ 2000 course

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