Music Rights for DJs on Youtube

Music Rights for DJs on Youtube play video
Written by: Dexxter Clark
You can`t spin your DJ mixes on Youtube without running into trouble with music copyrights.
What can you do, and what not?
Which song can you use, and which not?

video transcription

You want to make a mixtape and publish it on youtube
hours of preparing your set, then do couple of takes, edit it.
2 days of work, only to find out, that you are demonitized or even worse, can get a strike.
It already happened to me

But what if i told you that was a way around that.
A way that is completely legitimate , but it requires a little bit of work
Let’s talk about it

It was my 3rd video on youtube.
I had even a livestream that was a test, video on private, where i had my radio on striked!
you are kidding me?
If you did not make the music, you don’t own the copyright.
So not on youtube, not on soundcloud.
Mixcloud yes

if you buy song on itunes, you only have the license to listen.
like you would do with monitizing a video where you are spinning music.
if you play in club/festival the venue pays.
that’s why they ask you for a playlist.

youtube system in place to search for music.
they fingerprint music, called content id
content id recognises songs.

There are categories
-audio deleted from video, happened to me a couple of times
-video blocked in certain countries
-share revenue on monitized videos
-recordlabel takes your revenue on your monitized videos

But there is a way around that.
Luckily youtube is pretty clear what is allowed and what not.

Notice risk
If someone get’s it in their head to change conditions of a song, you are screwed and even get a strike for that.
I won’t take the risk on this channel, I stay far away from commercial music.

I know that there are DJs do that.
Their risk.
My youtube channel is everything to me

personal opinion dj’s leeway
promote music., but hey, long term vision.
short term vision = short term money,
you shoot yourself in your own foot, but hey, I only Dexxter Clark with a vision.

There is also something like copyright free music.
same problem applies
What would you do if you published a song for free,
you have a hit on your hands with wich you can make 10 grand.
Do you choose for your own wallet or sympethise with all the poor youtubers that get demonitized

If you are serious about music production and want to take it to the next level,
download my free music production e-book.
Besides information about music production basics and computers for music production, the book gives also a unique perspective on the world of DJs and music producers.

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