Why this video get 3000+ views PER DAY on YouTube in 2024

Why this video get 3000+ views PER DAY on YouTube in 2024 play video
Written by: Dexxter Clark
My video about the best DAWs on my DJ channel is absolutely killing it with more than 2500 views a day.

I have reputation/authority
The first reason I see for this is.
Over the last 5 years I’ve made multiple videos about DAWs, which is software for music production btw.

I reviewed individual daws, top 5 best daws, 15 free daws.

So the algorithm knows better who the audience for DAWS is and has an easier time finding similar viewers to the ones that watched and enjoyed my previous videos.
YouTube gurus often call this algorithm reputation.

And you can clearly see when I look videos of how to make melodies or how to make chords.
I know the interest is there by looking at the competition, but I don’t have the authority there yet.
For that to happen I need to make more videos about music production techniques like chords.

Focussed on Search (but traffic from home)

5 [screenrec]
I’ve shouted on this channel more often that you probably like that you should focus on YouTube Search and doing your research if you van actually rank in YouTube search for making the video.
This video was primarily focussed on YouTube Search.
But look at what YouTube Search did to YouTube Home.
People found the video via YouTube Search, this way the algorithm had enough data about the audience of the video, so now promotes the video to YouTube Home and has even overtaken YouTube Search as main traffic source.

6 [facecam]
And first I couldn’t figure out why YouTube Home, because YouTube Home didn’t work for me in my previous video from 2018.
Then it hit me: viewer satisfaction.
When I look at the audience retention graph of the first video, it’s not bad, but certainly not great.
When you combine that with a more clickable thumbnail, you have gold.

I didn’t trust Tubebuddy/ I’m competing with small channels
7. [screenrec: tubebuddy]
I use Tubebddy, not because it’s good, but because it’s so bad, massively used and blindly trusted by m any creators.
This this is kind-off the score that I got in 2018.
This is the real screenshot of my account.
It still thinks that the competition is strong, even though I rank already twice in the top 5.

[screenrec: best daw 2018]
If I would have taken Tubebuddy’s advice, I would have simply lost out on half a million views and again, now 40K views.
My first DAW video that ranked me number 1 for 4 years and gave me 1000 views a day.

Even though tubebuddy says that the competition is strong, I knew that to be false, just by looking at the search results.
When I made the video:
#1 and #2 60K subs
3 was 1K subs
I was number 4 with my old video.

I always get excited when I do research and see that Tubebuddy thinks it’s bad.
Because I know that this is why a lot of creators won’t go after the keyword.
I’m literally using tubebuddy against Tubebuddy users!

Ranking on YouTube is a question using your eyes and using your gut feeling, not a question of if you can pay 10 bucks a month for a search tool.

Reason to click
8. [facecam]
I contribute a lot of the success of the video to the clickability of the title and thumbnail.
The title and thumbnail in this case do 2 things:
1) create mystery/ intrigue: by having the question marks and the ohh face. Viewers want to know what is so “ohh”
2) the fact I tease information (“I asked 2k producers”) that the competition doesn’t give.

When people constantly click on my thumbnail instead of the competition, youtube will eventually promote it to #1 position in search.
That hasn’t happened yet, but I expect this video to gain even more views from Search in the future.

Search volume/ lot of interest in topic
10. [draw board pyramid: knowledge: beginners, media, expert]
This is the pyramid of views and expertise.

Beginners topics have a lot of search traffic.
It is at the bottom of the pyramid.

Creators often don’t think about beginners topics and make topics higher in the pyramid.
But beginners topics is where the most search volume is.

11. [facecam]
And op top of that, beginners are the subscribers that will be the longest with you on the channel, simply because they have the most to learn.
Best software for music production is a super beginner topic.

Search volume is not the same as interest.
Although the video is a beginner topic, because of my title and thumbnail it peaks the interest of a broader audience, in my case even experienced music producers higher up in the pyramid, that just want know what the rest voted.

B.t.w. interest is not a score that any keyword tool can give you, therefore you need to use your gray matter upstairs … and your gut feeling.

Watch time is good
13 [screen rec: 7-11 juli: 6:09 = 58,1%]
The line in my tention graph is pretty flat and the APV is good, meaning that I keep viewers in the video.
A couple of reasons:
1) time-till-content is less than 10 seconds
2) it’s top 5 listicle video video, that give the video an attention span, people want to know what is number one. And you can clearly see that in the audience retention graph. As soon as viewers know number 1 they click away.
3) a lot of broll, maybe even more than A roll. And everything moves in the video, even the screenrecordings of the software move.
4) there is tempo in the video. For years I wondered why people put timestamps in the comments … because they think you are not getting to the point quickly enough.
5) humor. Even if you are not REALLY into the content, you might watch the video till the end for the jokes.

Engagement / music producers are religious
14 [facecam]
I knew from previous videos that music producers are very religious about their software and want to tell everybody that the software they use is the best.
I took advantage of that by asking producers to share their favorite software in the comments.

This worked so well, that I have a hard time keeping up with the comments.
I realize that this is a luxury problem

Giving people what they really want to know (=watch time)
YouTube is all about viewer satisfaction and watch time.
From studying the comments on previous videos, I knew what people asked most about the topic.
So in between the positions 5,4,3,2,1 I answered frequently asked questions, so people get the maximum amount of information out of the video and watch longer.

Uploading regularly
17, [facecam]
Uploading regularly is not a ranking factor per-se, but it is a de-ranking factor for sure.
My dj channel is not my main priority, but I try to upload regularly, once a month.
You need to see a youtube channel as a bathtub with the drain open, if you don’t upload the water (=views) is running out.

Impact on the rest of the channel / Prepare to blow up
18 [facecam]
If you play your cards right, 1 video can blow up your whole channel.
And I see other video on my channel popup as well.

You can prepare your small channel for that, today:
1) make multiple videos around the same topics.
If one of those videos blows up viewers can find more videos like that on your channel.
The algorithm helps viewers with that by showing videos around the same topics in Suggested and Home.
2) add links to other videos in your video description and pinned comments. So you make it easy for viewers to watch multiple videos.
3) make sure you use end screens and do a strong and compelling Call To Action to watch the next video.
4) make sure that viewers keep watching until the end so the actually get to the end screen.
5) have a big library of videos, so there is actually something to watch and backtrack for users if they like your videos.
6) make sure that your titles and thumbnails are compelling to click to get viewers over to other videos.

25. [screenrec]
Let’s look at the CTR of this video. It is only 5%.
But that is not very good according to YouTube’s 2-10% rule.
That’s because most creators often think that a CTR actually says something and that you can compare CTRs with each other.
I’ll give you the full explanation in this video.
This video has a CTR of 14% and only 50 views a day.[download and install rekordbox on mac]
Is the thumbnail better? Absolutely not!

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