The best free software for music production for beginners

The best free software for music production for beginners play video
Written by: Dexxter Clark
What is the best free software for music production?
In this video I talk about 17 free software packages (called DAWs) and I review all of them.
How good are they for beginners?
How free are they? Some are more free than others

video transcription

I will look at:
• external VST plugin support
• making melodies / midi keyboard
• piano roll
• unlimited tracks
• cloud storage or local
• side chaining possibilities
• export 24 bit wav
• recording capabilities

• 0:51 Audio Tool (online)
• 3:25 Bandlab DAW (online)
• 6:29 Pro Tools first
• 7:02 Ohm Studio
• 7:49 Soundbridge
• 10:24 Ardour
• 10:36 Tracktion T7 / Waveform
• 13:43 Garageband (Mac only)
• 16:00 Cakewalk / Sonar (Windows only)
• 16:34 Studio One Prime
• 19:23 LMMS / Linux Multi Media Studio (Mac / Windows / Linux)
• 23:55 QTractor (Linux only)
• 24:41 Rosegarden (Linux only)
• 25:16 Audacity
• 26:08 Reaper DAW

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