Pro reveals: how to start a YouTube channel 2023

Pro reveals: how to start a YouTube channel 2023 play video
Written by: Dexxter Clark
1. Starting a YouTube channel is super fun to do, I started this year 2 new YouTube channels.

If you are in doubt if YouTube is maybe saturated, then I can ease your mind a bit,
Because that’s only the case in certain niches, which I will talk about later.

Yes, there are more creators than ever before, but there are also more viewers than ever before.
And there are even more countries in the world than ever before that have a broadband internet connection.
YouTube and can also be a very lucrative job if you play your cards right, which I also talk about later in this video.

Be realistic
But be realistic , and that is what big YouTubers don’t tell you, the amount of effort that took that to get to the top.
So, Set goals that you actually can achieve and don’t be demotivated when things work out the way you planned.

An unrealistic goal is to have a 10k subscribers in a year.
A realistic goal is: make 100 videos, because it takes a lot of creators a lot of videos to get noticed.

And nobody tells you that you need to learn a lot: How to edit, how to keep viewers in the video, how to make clickable thumbnails, how the algorithm works.
Which are by-the-way all topics that I help you with on this channel. [subscribe animation]

Nobody tells you how long it takes to produce a video. A typical youtube video takes me at least 3 days.

Don’t start a YouTube channel for the-fame-and-fortune, to it for the joy of making videos.
Then all the other stuff doesn’t matter.
There is nothing else in the world I’d rather do. [broll: YouTube videos]

I’m 100% conviced that everybody can do YouT ube with the right mindset and willingness to learn
If you are poor, have 1 leg, if you are bald, English isn’t your first language.
And we are going to start with that directly in this video,
But first we are going to take a look at the initial setup costs are.

Equipment you need to start a YouTube channel.

Most beginner creators think that you needs lots and lots of equipment to start a youtube channel.
But to be honest, I think you already have most essentials you need, this bad boy over here, which is your camera [ mobile phone].
In fact, my first when I started my YouTube channel were filmed on my phone. And it is only a year later that I bought a system camera

When you film on your mobile phone, just pick a video editing software package on your phone.
But after a while I would recommend proper editing software on a desktop computer, simply because it has more capabilities.
Windows video editor and Apple’s imovie are free and easy editing programs to start with.

The first upgrade I would recommend to improve image quality is lights, even over investing in a camera.
When a mobile phone gets enough light on its tiny sensor it can shoot amazing footage.

There are generally 3 types of lights:
• softboxes, a box with a light, that is what I use and recommend.
• Ledpanels, a panel of leds
• Ringlights, those are a ring of leds around your camera

Viewers are pretty forgiving when it comes to video quality, but not audio.
A simple lav mic like this one is 80,- and the converter cable is 10,- [show mic]

A tripod is handy to have, but is optional.
A stack of books works also.

A link to a more detailed video on equipment, you can find in the description.

What big YouTubers don’t tell you / Steps to start a youtube channel
Now the part that the big YouTubers don’t tell You, when you start a YouTube channel.
I’ve compiled some questions to ask yourself before you start, so you get get a jump-start:

1. think about: What is the goal of the channel?
What do you want to achieve with your youtube channel (beyond getting a lot of subscribers)?
Mr Beast wants to make this a better world.
Others want to have a multi million dollar business. [ broll geld]
When you know this, you can make content towards that goal

2. think about: Who is the target audience?
• How old are they
• what language do they speak
• male/female
• What are their fears
• What are their motivators.
This way you can better resonate with your ideal viewer with every video, which makes you grow quicker.

3. Think about: what you want to make
• Prank videos?
• Vlogs?
• Tutorials?
And try to stick to one style of video so viewers know what to expect when they subscribe.
One huge caveat, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t experiment to see what fits you best and what your audience likes best.

4. Think about: What niche do you want to start in?
Choosing a niche works best, because broad topic channels are really hard to grow.
If you want ideas for niches, go to and look in between all the categories.
On WikiPedia you can find a list of hobbies and a list of occupations.

There are some Niches I would avoid:
• Everything to do with money, because you have a hard time to rank when you don’t have authority in the space.
• For the same reason: everything that has a significant impact on your life and can be potentially dangerous (like medical advice or doing movie stunts)
• Gaming – over saturated
• Cooking - saturated
• Common Sports (fitness) – over saturated
• Common Pets (dogs, cats) - saturated
• Tech - saturated
• Music channel - really hard to stand out and pretty saturated
• Travel - saturated
• Kids - because of the American Coppa law
• Photography and filming - saturated

If you still want to get into one of these competitive niches, there are 2 ways to go about:
• Make a stinkin’ lot of videos. It helps if videos are quick and easy to produce
• Niche down to something very specific or have a very unique angle
IF you talk about travel, talk only about travelling with a caravan

Is it worth it?
Try to find the 10 biggest and most famous channels in this niche.
How many views do they get on average on their videos over the last 12 months (excluding the ones uploaded last 4 weeks)?
This tells us something about if there is enough interest in your niche.
This is why you don’t look at subscrubers, but views.
And this is why you shoudn’t look at anomalies, but averages on regular uploads

What are their average views?
Is the majority...
• < 20K per video? Pick another niche. It is not worth your time and effort
• < 100k per video? It is either very competitive, there is lack of interest, or a small target audience.
Embrace yourself yourself, starting in this niche is going to be a long and tough journey.
You need to make at least 10x the amount of videos to make up for the lack of views.
It might be worth it if you can monetize it very well beyond YouTube Ads or can produce videos very fast (so you can release more videos)
• 100K – 1M per video? Good, now it starts to get interesting
• 1M+ per video? Great!

5. how to want to monetise your YouTube channel
You can use YouTube as a means to drive traffic to your business, but you also use YouTube as a standalone means of earning money.

The most obvious way is to earn money with YouTube ads.
YouTube shares a portion of their ad revenue with you.
Most beginner creators think that YouTube will pay you millions.
Regretfully, that is not true.
Per thousand views you get 1-5 dollars, depending on your niche and what advertisers are willing to pay.

More lucrative ways to monetize a channel are:
• Sponsorships
• Affiliate marketing, so getting a little bit of commission when your refer viewers to a company
• Patreon
• Coaching
• Blog in the same niche (monetize with Google ads)
• The best way: digital products
◦ Books, courses, photoshop brushes , anything digital that you can sell
Just think about it before you pick a niche, and make the product later after you started the yoube channel.

6. think about: what is your value proposition
What makes your videos unique compared to the competition?
Do you give unique information? Do you have a unique angle?
You can communicate this in your channel header and videos which helps you to stand out a grow quick.

How to make a YouTube video ---- HELE HOOFSTUK VERWIJDEREN IN TOEKOMSTIGE VIDEO (super drop off in audience retention in dec 2021 video)
How do you make a youtube video.

1. Idea:
It starts with an idea, it helps to keep a list of ideas in your phone for example.
This way you’ll never run out of ideas.

2. Research:
Step 2 is research.
You gather all the information you need for the video.
Also research your competition, so you know what they do so you can stand out.

3. Write script / Thumb
Step 3 is to outline or script the video from the information you gathered in the previous step.
This is also the stage where you write your title and design your thumbnail.
4. Record the video
If you need some tips on reading a script, check out the link here.

5. edit the video
Use only the best parts and make the video into a logical flowing story.

6. publish & promote
Upload the video and promote it to a warm audience.
If you have a loyal following on other social media or a mailing list, you could promote it there.

Tips for starting a YouTube channel
Tips for starting a YouTube channel to grow quick

Tip #1: search
Focus on YouTube Search, make videos on topics that people actually search for.
Research the competition and fight channels your own size.
If there are channels in the search results with less that 10K subscribers, you have a shot to rank for the search term.

Tip #2: Quality over quantity
The amount of subscribers on your channel is not important, views are, and even more important for your channel are returning viewers.

That you need to upload daily is a myth.
But it is true that when you have a bigger video library that you have more chance to be discovered.

Tip #3 be actually helpful
Which brings me to my next point.
be actually helpful.
Don’t put anything in a video that doesn’t give viewers value immediately, like asking for subscribes, likes, intros, bumpers etc, because viewers will click away, which hurts your ranking.
Also, don’t send people away from the platform, youtube doesn’t like that.

Tip #4 money
Your first goal shouldn’t be to make money.
Your goal should be: provide free value.
Making money is for later once you have a lot of eyeballs on your content.

Tip #5: “my first video”/ clear about your channel topic
Be clear about your channel topic from the start.
I have been guilty of this myself: uploading the video “this is my first video”.
As a small channel, the algorithm has trouble finding the right audience for your channel, with “this-is-my-first-video” you confuse the algorithm and it will take you longer to grow.

Tip #6: watch youtube
It still amazes me that a lot of beginner creators don’t watch youtube.
• How can you spot trends on youtube ?
• how can you get ideas on how to improve your own videos?’
• How can you know what works on YouTube?
• How can you get a feeling how the algorithm works?

Tip #7: evergreen
You can make 2 types of videos on YouTube:
• videos that are relevant a short amount of time – think of news
• videos that are relevant a long amount of time – for example: a topic like: how to feed your dog.

Long term relevancy videos are called evergreen videos.
Making evergreen videos is the fastest way to grow, because views over-time will add up.

Tip #8 its about viewers
It is about viewers, not the YouTube algorithm.
Don’t try to trick the algorithm , youtube will eventually figure it out and it will always come around and bite you in the ass.
Things like buying subscribers is the absolute worst thing you can do to your channel.

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