Best laptop for music production 2019 - top 5 high end producer

Best laptop for music production 2019 - top 5 high end producer

Written by: Dexxter Clark
What is the best laptop for music production?
What to look out for and name you 5 models that are suited for music production
Let`s take a look.

In this text I`m gonna talk about best NEW laptops for music production 2019.
with the vision of buying the best laptop you can buy.
I`m not talking about budget or mid range laptops, but the high end, I-am-(nearly)-a-profesional-music-producer category.

I`ll start with advice about components that are optimal for music production
Then I`ll give you a blacklist and whitelist of laptops to buy and NOT to buy.
Next I recommend 5 laptops for music production 2019.

PC or Mac?

I made a special video, link it in description
to be honost, I don’t recommend a new mac in februari 2018, because of the cashes due to the T2 chips. , which is Apples equivalent for the blue screen of death in windows
It’s a year now that the problems surfaced, and it took apple a year and it’s still not fixed.
dongle hell
butterfly ketboards that break
I included it in my top 5 to be complete.


Choose an i7 processor, prerably of the 9th generation.
An i5 will do the job just fine, but we are here to assemble the BEST laptop for 2019
My recommendation is an Intel processor

AMD Ryzen isn`t a bad processor but not the best for music production: has compatibility issues with midi controllers and some plugins.
Also thunderbolt (for an external sound card) is a little bit finiky on AMD.
Don`t get hung up by the turbo boost frequencies, because you rarely hit those frequencies in real life.
It`s kind of a marketing to let you feel good that the speed of the processor doesn`t suck.


8GB is the bare minimum, but in a lot of laptops you can`t add memory later.
So choose 16 or 32 GB, preferably 32 GB
I made a special video about memory, check it out if you want to know more.


important is that you look at the speed of your hard drive. 5400 RPM can be too slow to read multiple tracks ‘at once’ from your hard drive. choose 7200 rpm or better SSD

Ssd is also good for battery life
256 gb ssd is far too little. 500gb bare minimum, 1tb is even on the low side.
You will run out of hd space sooner or later. Not a question if but when.
With 128 gb you will probably run out of space after installing your daw and sample packs.

And yes, they are expensive

One sidenote here:
An external hard drive defeats a little bit the pupose of being mobile with a laptop.
it`s a pain [peep] to take it verywhere. it can fall. Where to you put it? ducktape it to the lit of your laptop?
and on top of that: it`s slow.


more screen real estate is more overview and less scrolling, in other words: a quicker workflow which saves you time
17" is preferable 15" is a minimum.

if the laptop has an external monitor connector via HDMI you can connect a big screen.
Then the screen size is less of an issue.


it`s convenient to have a backlit keyboard.
So you can read the letters and shortcut keys when you don`t have enough light when you are producing


A Thunderbolt connection for an external sound card is convenient
I have compiled a blacklist and a whitelist.
These lists are from a computer store, so i don’t pull them out of a hat

Whitelist : built to last

-Hp (elitebook series)
-Microsoft surface
-Dell Alienware

if offer Extended warrenty: buy it!
There is a reason why they are so expensive. More quality components like hinges, motherboard.
if something is broken after 3 years, they can probably fix it

Black list music production

These computers are built to be cheap and not to last any longer then the term of warrenty
-Lenovo (it`s not IBM anymore)
-Dell XPS and Insperion series laptops
-Macbook pro series

If everything is bad that those brands made was bad, the companies would be out of business.
But you have a higher chance of success with items on the whitelist than the blacklist.

Gamer laptops

Gamer laptops suited for heavy workload, but "bad" for one reason: you pay for heavy graphics card you dont use

The best laptop for music production 2019 - The 5 recommended models
I had to do compromises here and there.
Make shure that you know what is the most important for you so you can make the best choice.


• Microsoft Surface Book 2 (Intel Core I7, 16Gb Ram, 256Gb, 15"): 
 ➔ - £2,464.00 
• HP OMEN 15-ce006na 15.6-inch FHD - (Intel Core i7-7700HQ, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 1TB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, win 10 Home)
 ➔ - £1,049.79
• Apple MacBook Pro (15" Retina, Touch Bar, 2.6GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD)
 ➔ - £2,435.00
• ASUS ROG Strix GL703GS-E5036T 17.3-Inch FHD(Intel i7-8750H, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB PCI-E SSD + 1 TB SSHD, NVidia GTX 1070 8 GB, Windows 10)
 ➔ - £2,019.99
• ASUS FX503VD 15.6” FHD, Intel Core i7-7700HQ 2.8GHz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD, 8GB DDR4, Windows 10 Home
 ➔ - £899.00 

Those are affiliate links, so if you buy something on Amazon I receive a little bit of money from that.


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