How to adjust the beatgrid in Rekordbox

How to adjust the beatgrid in Rekordbox play video
Written by: Dexxter Clark
The beatgrid is a visual representation of what Rekordbox thinks a song looks like.
If Rekordbox made a mistake in analyzing a song, you can correct that.
By changing the beat grid, you are changing the interpretation that Rekordbox has of that song.
Make sure that Rekordbox understands your song properly.

By adjusting the beatgrid you can adjust the tempo of a song, you can adjust where the counts, beats and bars are.
In this video I`ll dive deep into what you can fix at the beatgrid in Rekordbox.
A step by step Rekordbox tutorial on on how to change the beat grid.

video transcription

Rekordbox analyses a file and termines what is the first beat of a bar, what is the BPM.
Sometimes it’s wrong, you need to adjust that by adjusting the beatgrid

How that works?
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We can make adjustments in the beatgrid of a song i Rekordbox analysed the song wrong

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