How to start a YouTube channel for beginners

How to start a YouTube channel for beginners play video
Written by: Dexxter Clark
The ultimate starter guide for beginners.
In just 25 minutes I tell you everything you need to know to start a YouTube channel.
I’ll answer questions like:
• What type of content is easiest to make as a beginner and why
• Why buying subscribers and sub 4 sub are the worst things you can do
• Why you should use your video description and what you should put into it
• What you need to start YouTube
• Getting started on YouTube / how to grow on YouTube

Part 1: Start Now
Part 2: Equipment
-Editing software
Part 3: Start channel: step by step

1: Niche / content type
-Content type (vlog, jokes, magic, info)
-Target audience

2: pick name

3: Create a channel

Part 4: workflow make a video
1. Idea list
2. research
3. write script/outline
4. record
5. edit
6. upload
7. meta data + thumbnail
8. release + release schedule
9. promote
10. analyze + adjust

Part 5: Tips
1. Focus on search
2. Don`t get crushed
3. quality over quantity
Daily uploads is unnessary
4. be actually helpful
5. 1st goal NOT money
6. keep viewers on youtube
7. don;t upload: “my first video”
8. Watch YouTube
9. Evergreen content
10. It’s about viewers, not YouTube algorithm
11. Use video description

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