Mac or PC for music production?

Mac or PC for music production? play video
Written by: Dexxter Clark
What is computer is better for music production?
Mac or PC? MacOS or Windows?

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hello Guys,
My name is dexxter clark and I do vlogs, reviews and tutorials about djing and producing

What is better for music production MacOS or Windows?
If the PC is so great, why are a lot of people using imacs for their music? And vice versa.

In this video will dig into the pros and cons of both operating systems from the perspective of a music producer, so you can make an educated decision on whats best for you!
And on the end of the video I’ll you why I think the Macbook Pro is a bad choice
Mac vs PC, FIGHT!


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The ancient question of Mac vs PC
Before we dive into the matter at hand for the current day, It is worth mentioning that in the early days Apple was more suited to edit video and produce music.
The tools where just so much better. Interfacing better, the computer faster, software.

Apple had a much more simplified approach that it made easier to stay in the creative flow.
While the PC user was fiddling with IRQs to make their Soundblaster soundcard work, and shouting at windows for getting a resulting blue screen.
On the mac side, the music professionals were happily making tunes and hits we love today.
That’s why professional audio engineers use macs.

But over the course of the last 10 years, a lot has changed, the PC caught up BIG TIME.
Apple switched to Intel processors which microsoft used for decades, so the performance is the same.
The big DAWS have windows and Mac versions (except logic) and everything you can do on a mac, you can do on a pc too.
So the main reason to choose for a mac is gone.

I was a big apple fan. I have 2 computers, 2 ipads, 3 iphones, ipod, apple tv
But Apple had become such a weird company lately.
So when it came to my slow computer, If I would buy a new computer, will it be a mac or or PC for audio production?

But before we can call out a winner Mac Or PC, it is important to notice that some DAWs only work on Mac or Windows
If you are using or choosing a DAW that runs only on a specific operating system.
Logic = Mac
Sonar = Windows
So base your first decision on the DAW.
If that doesn’t matter, we have to go to the next step.

Bare in mind that there are VST plugins and AAX plugins for Windows and Mac.
But Audio Units (AU) not. That is Apple exclusive.
Most plugin manufacturers support multiple format plugins
But if you have licences for AU plugins only, and you have to rebuy them, that can be costly

There are music producers that are claiming that certain genres of music are better produced on a Mac.
Personally don’t see why, especially when DAWs nowadays are cross platform.
And even than, all DAWs can basically do the same thing. Maybe the way you are getting there is different.

If you have a well thought trough argument, I would love to know. Put it in the comments.
I made special video about choosing music production software for beginners. I will link it up in a card above and in the description

Regretfully, choosing a mac or pc for music production it isn’t as black and white as it used to be.
So, I laid out a of categories in which is a clear winner.
If you determine which categories are the most important to you, you can make a more educated decision on which one is the best for you.

price - pc -
You have to bare in mind that for 1500,- you can buy a fully specced out pc, as where you pay 3000,- to 5000,- for that same computer on the Apple side.

[12] WEG
expansion flexibility - pc -
this goes a little bit hand in hand with the previous point.
you can buy components and add or change components later when you have more money.

If you struggle to pay for a proper size SSD, you can temporarly buy a small one and replace it later with a proper one.
What you can invest heavily in a powerful CPU and motherboard, and leave the memory, ssd and monitor for later (or use your old ones) till you have saved up for the next update round.

And you can build one exactly to the specifications you want, in stead of a manufacturer deciding for you which components are in your computer.
If you don’t know how to build one yourself, go to a specialised computer store with knowledge to do so.

connections - pc -
it’s really easy to add extra usb connections on a pc for example. The mac is always fixed in expansions. This saves you also a suitcase of dongles and usb hubs

power - pc -
Apple focusses more on thinness in stead of power which we desperately need when it comes to computers.
The expandability makes it infinitly more powerful.

esthetics - mac -
most of the time they look nicer. Not only the operating system, but also

space - mac -
ok, there are some alternatives for the pc, but most of the time Apple will win this category. Their all in one desktop solutions are prone to be more compact.

os - mac
For me it is mac, but that is personal preference. I like how things are solved in MacOS. Like backups. Every doofus that can connect a hard drive is able to make backups on a mac. Also printing works better.
We don’t have to fight with the windows register
And we don’t have to cope with dll hell

usability (drivers) - mac - drivers for pc. The standard drivers in windows are bad. you have to use some extra drivers with less latency: the ASIO drivers. as Where the mac pretty much out of the box just works.

compatibily/reliability - mac
You have a bigger chance of success that the components are properly supported with your computer with a mac.
Apple tests there components if they work really well together, but with a pc it has yet to be seen.
Although there are plenty of examples where apple dropped the ball, for example in their 2018 macbook pro.

A well built pc can be as reliable as a mac, but also worse.
When you buy a pc, don’t cheap out on components.
Build one with good quality components, that are probably more expensive.
A pc will only be as strong as its weakest links

noob - mac
If you don’t bother with the specs or you just want a computer that works. Go for a mac.
The operating system has less options for the beginner to go wrong and some things are more simplified.
Also in buying a mac.
The pc has an infinite amount of possi bilities, as with a mac you have only a few options to choose from.

fixability - pc
When a mac breaks, it breaks big time and there is probably not much you can do about it.
And probably not much Apple will or can do about it, especially after a couple of years (which is a danger zone for computers).
With a PC you can swap a component if it’s not one of the holy pair motherboard or CPU.

security - mac
Although Apple has dropped the ball on many occasions when it comes to security.
Microsoft has increased the security over the years big time.
And still there is more malware and virusses out there for the pc

I want to make a sidestep to the Apple Macbook pro.
In my opinion, it is not the best laptop to buy.
-dongle hell
-butterfly keyboard hell
-no mag-safe connector
-you can’t swap or add ssd or memory because it’s soldered to the motherboard
-on top of that they removed the connector to pull data of your ssd in case of a motherboard failure. In other words. If you spill your soda and kill your motherboard, although the hard drive is still in tact, you lost all your data.
-if you want to install windows (a Apple supported solution), the throttling issues are still in tact
-because Apple didn’t bother to take care of proper cooling. they allow the CPU to run at 97degree c, it is proven that that causes motherboard malfunction and data loss over time.
By the way, if you think: I buy an Asus gamer laptop or a Dell, you are going wrong too, they have the same problem
if you buy a mac, choose a desktop

A quick overview of the comparison, I will put in the description below.
If you have a useful, respectful and well funded thought through argument that I maybe missed.
don’t hesitate to put that in the that comment section below.
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