Starting a YouTube channel 2023 - YouTubers share #1 tips

Starting a YouTube channel 2023 - YouTubers share #1 tips play video
Written by: Dexxter Clark
I asked you on my community tab and my mailinglist for your best tips for new YouTube creators on starting and growing a YouTube
Oh boy did you deliver, thank you for the extremely useful knowledge bombs.

#1 don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
Top drawings says: “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes”.
A lot of potential creators hold off with starting a channel for this.
Well, I have a wakeup call for you.
You are going to make mistakes and you will fail.

Tip number 2
No, I’m kidding...
I fail, and I still learn.

When you fail, you learn much more than when you don’t.
Be glad that you can make mistakes as a small youtuber and nobody sees it.
If you have a large audience, a mortgage and child support to pay … the stakes are much higher.
Just get them out of the way now, you will make them anyway.

“Just upload and don`t expect anything, at some point you will be pleasantly surprised” says Mark from Cockatoo Madness.
I don’t talk about mindset a lot on the channel, if you like that, let me know.

Vienesse Tourguide Grete Walz adds:
“Make Videos to the best of your abilities.
At the same time accept that not every video will be perfect, that goes online (in fact probably none will be).
Accept, that it is a learning process.
Also: define what your parameters are what "good content" on your channel is.

And of course: make content that is fun to create! You will spend hours working on your videos. Make sure, it is something you enjoy!”

So true, I’ve nothing to add.
Thank you Grete, Top Drawings, and Cockatoo Madness

#2 channel banner
The number one thing I keep pointing creators to in my livestreams is their channel banner.
A good channel banner is not an afterthought.f
• It communicates what kind of content you make,
• why they should watch and
• when they can expect new content.
When people know in 1 second what your channel is about, they can decide if its for them and subscribe.

Thanks Sam from the Lego channel Brick advice for pointing this out.

#3 youtube advice channel
“Try to squeeze in as much time as you can learning from youtube growth channels as it would help a lot! If you can`t focus on watching them, try to listen to their content while playing in the background. It will speed up your learning process. “

I agree partially with Pink Blue Plays here. (thank you for the tip.)
First, I agree, because you should listen to me, because I’m amazing pfff.
But seriously, I think it can help you a lot to get started and know where to focus on.
But regretfully, that there is a lot of misinformation out there, I made a video about it, which you can find here.

So I recommend to test things and see if it works for you.

#4 sharing videos
In extension of my point about misinformation:
“Don’t share your video link to a random whasapp grp or any other platform. Keep uploading and let youtube do their job.”
So True, Darshan from Darshan Apps, the algorithm needs to figure out who your audience is, and it can’t do that with just 10 videos.

Keep uploading Never promote a video as blatent spam on forums or whatsapp, because it might maybe get you views.
Viewers are not engaged with the creator, nor the video, they click on the video and leave the video.
Which is a huge red flag for the algorithm that your content is bad and YouTube stops promoting.

The key here is value.
If it makes sense for people to watch a video for example in a dedicated facebook group, then it might be an option.
The key question is: do you send a warm audience to the video that will watch it all the way through?
No? Then it will hurt the video.

#7 title
“Make sure you have a searchable title and that you get views from search too, so you can grow.”
Thanks Saadon Aksa.

Indeed, the first thing you should focus on is YouTube search as a beginner and know that people think if people actually search for something.

I saw a video once of a woman who did a clothing haul of clothes found at a thrift store.
I appreciate the originality of the idea.
But from an audience and searchability standpoint it is not very handy.

Why do people watch a clothing haul?
Because they want to buy the clothes, but see how it fits on a normal human.
But clothes a thrift store are unique and one of akind, that you can’t buy yhose in a store or online..
So people won’t search for that.

My video about the bad advice of the YouTube gurus was originally titled: the lies of the YouTube gurus.
But nobody searches for lies of gurus.
But they do search for YouTube advice.
You can get away with a purely clickable title when you have a million subscribers, but a small channel needs tobe searchable.

Use the search bar auto suggest feature to see if people actually search for it.
If you want a full breakdown of keyword research, watch the video here.

#8 who your target audience is
Definine your target audience.
Again, thanks Sam from Brick Advice.

When you define your target audience in the tiniest detail, it will help you with content that resonates better with your targeted audience.
This makes them much more likely to engage with your content, watch longer and subscribe to your channel.

I get it, it’s not fun to do, because you don’t press record and ACTUALLY make videos.
But it helps your channel to grow much faster.

To help you, I will put some questions, you can ask yourself in the description.

For example, a really quick summary for this channel:
34 years, male, married, europe, instagram, reddit
fears: not able to build a youtube channel, not growing, no money
goals: make a lot of money but having a lot of fun doing it.
motivators: being independent, fear of not having achieved something.
core values: humor, well researched content, not repeating the gurus

Now I’m curious if you fit the profile :)

#5 think about what your audience wants to watch
This is one has a little bit of double layer, because it sounds so obvious.
"think about what your audience WANTS to watch, and then see what you can deliver to them that works for you".

Ven diagram

As a creator it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that your audience will watch everything you make.
But the reality is, they don’t.
They only watch what they are interested in.

The algorithm doesn’t look at the amount of subscribers you have, it looks at how well you can return viewers.
The payout for this is that the next time you release a video it will give you a slightly more promotion.
So returning your audience is very important for growth.

The blue line in Youtube analytics is your in-and-out audience, they click, got what they came for and skedaddle.
This is often YouTube Search.
The purple line is how well you can convert the blue line into sticking around
This purple line is your golden ticket to heart of the YouTube Algorithm which is YouTube Home and YouTube Suggested.

Let’s take this a step further.
I have different types of videos on my channel.
One is about uploading a video, the other about creating a new channel, the next one about the youtube algorithm.
If you have seen the algorithm video, would you click on a notification when I upload a tutorial on how to add video chapters to a youtube video?
Probably not.

So, I recently changed my tactic on my channel.
First I was purely focussed on YouTube Search: getting the eyeballs on my content first, otherwise I have No viewers to return to my content.
Now I’m laser focussed on returning viewers by picking topics that a large portion of my audience is interested in.

Thank you, Javier from from Comic and Animation channel How bizarre Studios, extremely useful submission.

#6 Selling / Value to your audience
This one is from me.
People don’t like being sold to.
Turning your youtube video into a giant ad, will not work.
Sure I have my ebook about starting youtube channel to sell, my course to sell, my subscribe merch to sell because youtube ads is a laugh.

But it starts with the value for viewers.
There has to be a reason for them to watch you.
People don’t tune in for an ad.

You watch this video because you get tips for youtube.
But when I said: tip 1: don’t be afraid to make mistakes → read chapter 5 of my book.
Tip 2: your channel banner → this information you can find in my video course

Or: when I do a cliffhanger and hide the rest of the information behind a paywall.

You will be frustrated as a viewer, because you came here to learn something, but you didn’t get that.
You won’t watch more of my videos.
I talked about returning viewers earlier.

But when I give value and I have the eyes on me, you can say “oh by the way, this is my product”.
Gary V calls this: jab jab jab right hook
The jab is the value, the hook is the sale

Another way to sell is to solve a problem with your product.
For example: VidIQ tells you how to get more views … but they coincidentally use their own tool to do it.

Another example: Bob Ross does tutorials on how to paint, but he sells paint and brushes.

Did you notice that I just sneaked in here that I do coaching and have an ebook, without trying to sell you something?

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