What do I put in my YouTube video description

What do I put in my YouTube video description play video
Written by: Dexxter Clark
One of the best kept YouTube SEO SECRETS: using the YouTube video description.
Don`t put in just your socials and be done.
You can put valuable information in the description that gives you an edge over the competition.

You need every YouTube SEO advantage you can get as a starter.
In this video I`ll give you the best YouTube video description tutorial with tips that nobody talks about: What do you write in the video description box on YouTube?

A video description is text under a YouTube video.
The trick is to optimize your YouTube SEO for the best results.
The YouTube video description can describe the contents of the video, but is also used by the algorithm.

video transcription

• 0:00 Intro: YouTube video description
• 0:42 Video description and the YouTube algorithm
• 1:47 What to write in the video description? Above the fold
• 2:55 What to write in the video description? Below the fold
• 3:41 Use video script/outline
• 4:02 Refer to other videos
• 5:04 Table of contents with timestamps
• 5:22 Disclaimer
• 5:45 YouTube Channel description
• 6:01 About the author + call to action
• 6:27 Links
• 6:35 Frequently Asked Questions
• 6:55 Hashtags
• 7:18 Use markup
• 7:45 Free template
• 7:59 Upload defaults

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