How to prepare a dj set

How to prepare a dj set play video
Written by: Dexxter Clark
2 types:
-total mix prepatration (exactly wich songs, in points, cue points , loops, pitches etc) -disadvantage if crwowd needs something else
-track selection (framework) -> more flexible with crowd (feel crowd). check crowd with certain songs and go from there
-combination first 2
-start with total prepared, or have certain playlist that you can spin (songs good fit).
-have a suggestion playlist as backbone for your set, but not fixed on that

How to make track selection?
- genre
- key
- tempo

-radio or mixtape: prepare full -> cant feel energy of crowd
-club -> consider a track selection or combination of total mix and track selection
-first time club: prepare a lot -> nervous -> long to find music (make playlist so you dont have to look for your songs)

kinds of sets depend on time of evening:
- warmup sets, nothing wrong with being warmup dj - more freedom - that how you start
- mid evening,
- end evening

how to find compatible songs (and make playlist or write down:
- related in rb can help (based on key / bpm)
- find a lot of songs in the same genre and key. try to find the best match by listening and switching back and forth between track a and b in different parts of the song.

take into account: kind of party
- age
- style
- mixed crowd -> select enough tracks in different genre so you can go all the way

expect the unexpected:
- players in other order, mixer other, booth monitor placed wrong, dj link connection absent

tip: know your music you are bringing
tip: playlist per genre, playlist per energy level
tip: bring extra usb drive (backup fail + forget usb)
tip: bring extra headphone
tip: bring more music than you would ever play : 1hr set? 3hrs of music
tip: make checklist. tedious -> after a while: yes I know. Still walk through -> always forget prices
tip: be on time


hoe draai je?
total mix preparation?

do harmonic mixing?

buy songs when prepare?

You use effects? A lot?

Use samples/acapellas or dj intro? (samples like horn, maybe vocal parts to make live mashup)

are you nervous?

How was your first gig? what did you learn from that?

do you practice in front?

make special playlist(s)?

tips for beginner dj’s for set preparation?

other tips for beginner dj’s to start or thinking of starting?

Digital vs Vinyl?

In ear monitors or headphones?

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