All secrets revealed about Pioneer Rekordbox (export mode)

All secrets revealed about Pioneer Rekordbox (export mode)

Written by: Dexxter Clark
An extensive tutorial on Pioneer Rekordbox 5 export mode.
I go over every single feature in this DJ software.
This tutorial covers the basics of to managing your record collection as a DJ, get up and running with Rekordbox, import songs, analyse tracks and export to USB.

• 0:05 difference between rekordbox and rekordbox dj (Rekordbox export mode)
• 0:42 install rekordbox on mac
• 1:55 user interface
• 2:18 switch between rekordbox rekordbox dj
• 2:47 import music
• 5:00 make a playlist
• 7:56 select playlist columns
• 8:47 how to preview tracks
• 9:34 one player mode & two player mode
• 11:22 order tracks
• 11:44 set hot cue & cue point
• 17:08 export songs from Rekordbox to usb
• 19:02 CDJ 2000 nexus 2 usb stick
• 19:23 adjust beatgrid
• 31:59 My Tag
• 34:13 Intelligent playlist / Smart playlist
• 37:36 related tracks
• 40:14 matching songs
• 41:53 Rekordbox CDJ 2000 settings (My Settings)
• 42:51 "My Settings" settings explained
• 47:05 load/save "My Settings" on CDJ 2000
• 48:20 you-can`t-change-them-on-the-CDJ-settings
• 53:32 Auto-saved settings on Rekordbox
• 54:53 Auto-saved settings on CDJ 2000


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